He Could Have Cited This Mother Of Four For Panhandling. Instead, He Sits And Does This.

She has four children to support, but didn’t have any choice but to stand on the side of the road and beg for help. Being homeless and down on her luck, she did what she thought was the best option for her kids, but in Massachusetts, it’s illegal. Many people disagree with the laws because they silence free speech, but the laws remain in place.

When Lynn Murphy realized he was about to pull up, she expected a citation. She immediately offered to leave the area, but the trooper continued on his way…and pulled into a local diner and ordered two meals. He drove back around and got out of his vehicle.5.17a43

“I’m not here to kick you out,” he told her, and held out the two meals, telling her to pick one.

The two sat on the side of the road and shared the meal. She talked about her life, and he learned that she had 4 children to provide for. The two parted ways, but shortly after the encounter, this photograph started circulating on social media.

A stranger had witnessed the exchange and posted it online, but they had no idea about the story until the trooper was recognized.

Murphy is grateful was grateful for the support, and hopes that other people will realize that she isn’t asking for money because she wants to. She’s doing it to keep her family fed. A citation on top of that? Who would that help? That’s what this trooper realized.

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