He Could Have Chosen Any Animal From The Shelter…He Chose “Tiny,” A 10-Year-Old GIANT Cat!

The paths of a young boy and an old cat collided in a beautiful way when Easton’s mom told him that he could adopt a new pet. They were searching around their local shelters for a new addition to their family, and while mom told him that he could choose any pet that he wanted, Easton couldn’t help but be interested in Tiny.

Tiny, the 10 year old cat, had been in foster care for a while as he couldn’t survive outside of a home and volunteers knew that he probably wouldn’t be adopted before the end of his life…but then came Easton!

It was love at first sight between the small boy and the giant cat! On the way home, Tiny begged to be let out of his cage and instantly made himself comfortable on the boy’s lap. Whenever they get a chance, they can be found snuggling and spending as much time as possible together. They have quickly become best friends. While Easton could have chosen a small kitten or an energetic puppy, the unlikely pair were a match made in kitty heaven!

The cat with an ironic name and the boy with a kind heart are living a happy life together and hope that their story will encourage others to adopt.

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