He Cornered Her In A Small Elevator And Insulted Her. Her Comeback Had Me CRYING From Laughing So Hard! Take THAT!


Newsflash: women are people too! They don’t exist on this Earth just for men to ogle and talk to. They have lives to live, people to see, jobs to do, and places to go. Some men think that it is perfectly okay to interrupt a woman’s day to try and hit on her, and can get quite unruly when their advances are ignored. Most people refer to these passing “compliments” as cat-calling, but in a small elevator with no where else to go, this behavior can get very uncomfortable for a woman who is just trying to get her job done. This man is unbelievable, and this story is hands-down the best reaction to unwanted attention that I have ever heard. Ever.

11.9eSeriously, this woman is so brave! I would be afraid to do something like this in case he became violent, but I was laughing so hard that tears came to my eyes! She probably would have held in that pesky gas if he had treated her like anyone else, but as soon as he tried to hit on her and call her terrible names when she wasn’t interested…well, I have to admit that he had that coming! Maybe next time he will think twice before cornering a woman in a cramped elevator!

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