He COMPLETELY Transformed His Life After Losing Over 400 Pounds – These Before And After Pictures Will Inspire You To Get Up And GO!

Losing weight is HARD. Limiting your food intake, stopping a meal even when you still feel hungry can be one of the hardest things of all, in my experience. It’s just one more bite, what could it hurt, right? Taking the time to count calories and carbs can be time consuming, and finding time in the week to go for a walk or starting a workout with weights can be impossible for most of us. But these 11 individuals didn’t let these excuses stop them from transforming their lives, and these before and after pictures are so inspiring.

At 28-years-old, she went from 355 pounds to 185 pounds in a year and a half. She started counting carbs one day and never looked back. She slowly began exercising to keep the weight off, and has completely changed her life.


Sticking to a keto diet, imgur user, lilll, lost over 110 pounds in only 10 months. Her advice?

Just start and DON’T CHEAT.”


Shedding 206 pounds, she went from 384 pounds to 173 pounds with hard work and determination. WOW.


After 2 years and 3 months, she lost 130 pounds with steady diet, exercise, and weight training. Her job as a waitress helped her to keep an active lifestyle, and while her goal was only to be a size 12, she flew past it and is now a proud size 2.


This young man dropped 150 pounds and does not see himself stopping anytime soon. What’s next? Building muscle!


When he was 21-years-old, he realized that he needed to make a drastic life change. 2 years later, he found himself dropping 235 pounds. It was a difficult journey, but worth every single moment.


She transformed her entire life. From 261 pounds to 115 pounds, she doesn’t feel like the same person.


One of the most impressive feats, he started out at 660 pounds. He is now 285, and still going strong!


In 17 months, she saw her body shift from 308 pounds to 170 pounds with a lot of dieting and exercise. It was hard, but it was worth it.


He lost nearly 400 pounds over 22 months. This is incredible.


Perhaps the most impressive of all…going from 585 pounds down to 175 pound target weight. He lost 410 pounds over 36 months! He did it all for his son, who made sure that he kept on track with his diet thanks to the amazing knack that children have to being unable to filter their thoughts. He didn’t want his life to end prematurely. He graduated college, had a child, but couldn’t help but feel like a noose was tightening around his neck. He had to do something. His favorite part of the weight loss? He is now able to keep up with his son and play outdoors, playing ball and going on adventures without getting winded.


These incredible transformations prove that there is no “good time” to start a diet or exercise plan. Right here and right now is better than tomorrow. We can’t do anything about “yesterday,” but we can do something about “now.” Take your future into your own hands and do something about it today!

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