He Comes Home After A Long Day At Work To Find His Wife ASLEEP With The Baby. He Posted This Picture Online And It Went VIRAL!

I sometimes wonder if people realize how much work truly goes into raising a child. In some areas, the cost of daycare is so high that one parent might decide that it would be most cost-efficient to just stop working and stay home with the baby instead. The parent who continues to work outside of the home might begin to resent their partner, wondering “how hard could it be to stay home and do ‘nothing’ all day?” That’s what this dad thought about his wife when he came home to a filthy house and chores left undone. When he realizes how she has spent her time, he comes to a heart warming conclusion…


…I come home from working and get annoyed that [I] have to tidy up and say ‘mommy hasn’t done anything…”


Babies are a handful. Toddlers can be even more so. And if you have multiple children? You can forget keeping the house clean for longer than 10 minutes! I still remember my mother setting the timer for “pick up time.” The last 15 minutes left before we could expect dad’s car to turn into the driveway was almost like a game. We would run around and store our toys, pick up trash, and clear the entryway of shoes. But if your kids are not old enough to help with the mess…it can look like a tornado hit your living room by the end of your exhausting day! This dad gets it, and I’m so glad he put this on Facebook!

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