He Caught Three Vandals On Security Footage But Is SHOCKED When A Fourth Man Enters The Frame!

The owners at Kearney’s Interiors were upset to find that their storefront had been vandalized one midnight over a long weekend. Their streets usually stay neat and tidy, and the store kept potted plants outside to cheer up the locals as they passed by. One night, three men up to no good decided to toss and destroy the pots, ruining the friendly display and leaving the flowers to die. When store owners checked their security footage, they didn’t know what to expect…The three men threw the plants about before jogging off together, bored after there was nothing else to mess up. Owners posted their pictures and hoped that the men would be caught and fined…but when they noticed that the store front actually hadn’t looked as bad as the men had left it, they kept watching.

One hour later, a mystery man was jogging along the sidewalk when he passed the scattered pots. He stopped and looked back, almost as if he was confused. When he realized that the pots had fallen from the window sill, he took a few minutes to put them back into place before continuing his jog!The owners updated their posts to ask who the mystery man was!

After the story went viral, the man saw himself being searched for and came forward, accepting a voucher from the owners and admitting that he hadn’t thought much of his actions – only that he saw something that needed fixing.

Later, the vandals also turned up to apologize after seeing their actions go viral as well!

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