He Catches A Fish, But He Is FURIOUS When He Realizes What Has Been Done To It Be Cruel People

Adam Turnbull is an experienced angler, but on one of his frequent fishing trips, he reeled in something that made his blood boil! As a fisherman, he enjoys going out to the water to practice his craft and does so as often as possible. On one such trip, he felt a fish pull on his line and reeled it in…but when he pulled it out of the water, he was shocked to see a strange injury.

At first, he thought that the fish had been bitten by something, but when he looked closer, he realized the truth.Someone’s discarded garbage – a partial wrapper from a sports drink – had gotten caught on the fish. As the fish grew, its body became deformed by the trash and had injured it beyond repair.

He examined the fish and found that it hadn’t actually suffered any further injuries besides the strange malformed skin around its body. He released it back into the wild, hoping it might feel some relief after being freed of its plastic prison.

This is a wrapper which takes up no room in your pocket until you get to a garbage can. Please don’t just pick up your own litter, but pick up after others who don’t have the same respect. If enough of us do this we can make a huge difference!”

He had no idea that anyone besides his friends and family would react to the post…but it went viral with over 20,000 likes and shares! His message went farther than he’d hoped, and maybe it will make a difference after all!

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