He Carved The Rings Out Of This Old Tree, And The Result Is Inspiring People Everywhere!

In the late 2000’s, an artist started doing something phenomenal that raised a lot of eyebrows. Known for his works that closely intertwine the balance between nature and humanity, Giuseppe Penone brought something to the art world that hadn’t been done.

He began excavating a tree…from the inside of a tree. It sounds crazy, but his time-consuming art is impressive to witness, and the story is going viral.

The Hidden Life Within was on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and it truly astounded a lot of people. It wasn’t the first time he has worked with trees as a medium – in the 1980’s, he displayed similar pieces that “rediscovered” the tree’s form at a younger age. What makes this one so impressive is the fact that the trunk and branches of the young tree have been carved out of the existing tree.

Using dead trees, he finds their youthful past and brings it to life, while displaying the mighty tree that it had eventually become. It is like looking into the past and being able to directly compare it to the future. An impressive idea that many people can relate to.

The final work is huge, impressive, and is a testament to how old trees can and will grow if left untouched. Many trees will live for centuries longer than any single human. To study and respect the trees is a lesson that we should all learn.

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