He Came Up With The PERFECT Way To Dump His Cheating Girlfriend…But He Made One Terrible Mistake And Ruined The Whole Thing!

This guy discovered that his girlfriend was going on dates with other guys, texting love interests, and lying about all of it. He wanted to give back the key to her apartment and break it all off…but he also wanted to call her out on her terrible behavior! The need for revenge is a hard one to ignore. So he got to thinking…


He decided that he would take her out to dinner on his birthday (because the best gift of all would be dumping her) and order drinks. When they finally came, he would give her this card to read.3.25g21She’ll be a little confused, but what’s written inside will make sense in a moment…


It was a beautiful plan! He wanted to drop $5 on the table for his drink and storm out after seeing the look on her face.

His one mistake? He decided to post the entire thing online before he went through with it! He didn’t think that anyone would see it…but it went VIRAL in only a few hours and her best friend saw it!

Her reaction shows everyone just how terrible of a person she truly was…

One reader put it all in perspective: 

Funny that since her actual name isn’t mentioned in the post and they were still able to figure out who it was. “Wait, my friend has been doing things with those guys named behind HER boyfriend’s back! And it’s HIS birthday today! I gotta warn her!”

This is ridiculous. And hilarious. But really, he should have known better than to post his evil plan online!

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