He Came Home To The Sweetest Kitty Chilling In His Chair. The Problem? He Doesn’t Own A Cat.

One of the best parts of coming home after a long day of work is being greeted by a loving pet…but when this guy got home and found an adorable cat chilling in his living room, he was more than a little confused.

The cat didn’t have a collar on. As soon as it spotted him, it began to meow incessantly to grab his attention. He thought it might be hungry, so he went to the nearest pet store and purchased some food and a few things for his new friend. The cat was grateful and ate the food quickly, not having eaten in some time.

He took the cat to a vet and hoped it would have a microchip, but it didn’t! The cat was still very young, so he paid to have it treated for worms and fleas before taking it around his neighborhood to see if anyone was missing a cat. When no one recognized the cat, he began asking if any cats in the area had given birth in the last few months. Again, no one was missing a cat.¬†He decided that the cat had adopted¬†him, and must have wriggled into his house through an open window.

While he might not have ever thought about having a cat before, he just couldn’t say no to the adorable cat that had a mind of its own! He named the cat Buddy and plans to have a long and happy life with his new unexpected pet!

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