He Built A Tree In His Daughter’s Bedroom…And It Is The Most MAGICAL Thing You Will See All Day!

This is the “before” picture for one little girl’s bedroom. While she does have a large window, a cozy bed, a bookshelf, and a few pieces of furniture, it isn’t exactly a child’s dream room. Sure, there’s plenty of room to play and that chair looks rather comfortable, but there isn’t anything too special about it. When they talked about what she wanted her room to look like, she had a simple but complicated request:

A fairy tree to read books in. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is so much more involved!


The first thing that needed to be done was a practical design. It needed to be sturdy enough to survive a child climbing on it, but elegant enough to fit into the decor. This was an initial sketch.


The completed tree nearly 2 years later! The total cost for the renovated room was $4,250.00 (give or take a little) and over 18 months to complete from start to finish. For a dad, finding 350 hours between work, family functions, holidays, and other things that needed to be done around the house, I’d say that he did an AMAZING job!


The room was painted in a beautiful rainbow and the tree fit in just perfectly! The rug is even green to look like grass! (Minus the bugs, of course!)


What a fun place to snuggle up and read! I’ll be everyone will want to go to her house to play from now on!


You can’t forget the finishing touches! Fairies do live in this tree, after all! It’s the little details that really bring the entire illusion to life!

The knot hole fairy windows are on their own 12v circuit, dimmable from a switch near the door. At bedtime these make awesome nightlights.”


The tree doesn’t end when the ceiling does…it branches out across the room, with fairy lights entwined in the branches! These are connected to the wiring of the house and can be controlled with a slider on the light switch. It won’t be too hard to get her ready for bed after a magical transformation like this!

1.22c6 Would you be able to do something like this for your children? Many of us would love to put this much effort into our homes, but for now, I will settle for these absolutely stunning pictures! What a magical room to grow up in! Way to go, dad!

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