He Brought His Terminally Ill Son To A Hotel…When He Asked The Staff Not To Laugh At His Son, They Did THIS!

I have so much respect for the parents that have to watch their child battle illness. As parents, we want to fix all of our children’s problems and give them the easiest life that we possibly can. We want them to experience new things and learn about the world and people around them. We want them to grow up, discover their passions, and make lives for themselves, and if you’re like me, you’re excited for grandchildren, too!

But sometimes, tragedy strikes when you least expect it, and those are the moments that hurt us the most…to see our children in pain and suffering is a hard burden to bear. I think THIS dad did a great job of handling this situation.


This story has been around the internet for a while, but I still tear up every time that I see it! The love and devotion that this father showed to his son is so very real! He looks passed the fact that he might not have much more time to share with his son, so he is determined to make the most of it! What he did not expect was the outpouring of love and support from completely random strangers who just wanted to help in any way that they could! I’m sure this kid felt a lot more confident about his treatments after a hotel stay like that!

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