He Bought This Homeless Man A Cup Of Coffee And Found A Friend For Life!

In the UK (and in some parts of the USA) there is a thing called a “suspended coffee.” When you buy a cup of coffee, you have the option to also purchase a “suspended coffee,” basically a coffee for someone who can’t purchase one for themselves. This is common on cold days. The local homeless or poor student can request one, and have a warm cup of coffee served to them on behalf of a complete stranger. They aren’t limited to coffee shops, either. Most diners, cafes, coffee shops, and sandwich shops will offer them and keep a running list throughout the day. Some restaurants will have suspended meals for the hungry homeless, too! It’s a beautiful concept that has been around for years. One such story has been going VIRAL. It’s amazing what a simple cup of coffee can do!


When I told him he burst out crying and gave me the best hug ever.”


These two became fast friends after this match, and Darren was able to get his life back together with the support of his new friend. When you’ve spiraled into a depression so deep that you lose your house, your job, and your social life, getting back on your feet can seem nearly impossible. Thanks to the kindness of one young man, another has found purpose in life again. And that is a beautiful thing!

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