He Bought A Vinyl Record From An Online Shop – Used. When He Opened It, This Note Fell Out And Broke His Heart!

Soundgarden – Superunknown. The original orange vinyl press can sell for up to $300 online, but a used copy can be purchased for about $80, on average.

An avid fan bought a used copy of this vinyl from an online shop that was in good condition! Like most collectors, he was excited to get the package in the mail! He opened it, ready to listen and relive the experience…when he found a folded note in the middle of the cover. Strange.


It looked innocent enough. He snapped a picture, just in case it was something important. It could have just been the receipt, but you never know…instead, he got a one-way ticket to Feelstown on the Heartstrings Express.4.12a1

The letter was unexpected, and it made the buyer feel good to know that his purchase was helping the previous owner’s son go to a good college. To have died suddenly at such a young age really put everything in a new perspective. This was a guy who loved and collected the same music, but who died much too early.

Listening to the album took on a new meaning, and he was glad to share the letter with the world. It was just by chance that he discovered this letter. He could have bought any other album from any other seller, but he chose this one.

Life is short, and for Mark’s sake, I hope her puts the volume up as high as it will go!

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