He Bought A Rusty Knife For $3 And Ended Up With A VIRAL Story!

Jun, a YouTuber with a cooking channel, decided to film his attempt to bring a rusty knife back to life. Little did he know, he was about to go VIRAL in less than a few hours!

He had made a trip out to a market and met a man trying to re-sell random items. He spoke to the seller briefly, who mentioned that he was trying to sell a rusty old knife to a store for 30 cents. Jun bid him good day and continued his trip. On his way out, however, he noticed that the man hadn’t been able to sell the knife. 

It was a traditional Japanese cooking knife and Jun knew that it was good quality…it just needed a little bit of love and attention! He offered to buy the knife, and the seller immediately told him that the new price was $3! In a few hours, the price had jumped over 10 times what the seller had been asking for…but that didn’t stop Jun from buying it anyway.

He started by scrubbing it to remove the rust.Then, he sharpened and polished it, over and over and over until it was just right. It took a lot of skill and patience, but he was sure that it would pay off in the end.The knife was of such good quality, it was practically brand new by the time he finished it. If the seller had taken the time to do the same, he could have sold that same knife for over $100! Jun clearly got the better deal!

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