He Begged His Parents To Let Him Keep This “Free Puppy” But They Got WAY More Than They Bargained For!

It was a hot day in Arizona, and when an 18-year-old college student spotted a “free puppy” in a shopping cart. He’d never had a dog before and the timing just seemed perfect! He called his parents, and when they agreed that he was more than ready for the responsibility, welcomed the puppy into their home. Little did they know that Neo was no ordinary dog.

He was cute enough as a puppy, but he was unbelievably unruly. He peed in the car and wouldn’t look at anyone besides his “dad”. He didn’t like being touched by humans and always wanted to be outdoors. Neo broke out of their backyard too many times to count and hated being on a leash! No matter how many times they reinforced their backyard, Neo always escaped.

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The family even had a heavy metal chain link fence installed, but Neo chewed through the metal and escaped again, always wanting to hang out with the dogs in the neighborhood.

Eventually, Neo’s neighbors were at the end of their ropes! One day, he was just too energetic and they called a local animal shelter for help. …but one look at Neo told the CEO of the shelter everything they needed to know about why Neo was so wily.

You know that’s not a dog, right?” Maureen O’Nell said.

He was a wolf!

O’Nell also knew that the shelter wasn’t legally allowed to take him in.
If animal control were to be called, Neo would be put down. She did a little research and found a safe haven for wolves and wolf hybrids that had been in contact with humans: Wolf Connection!

They took Neo in and began the process of caring and helping to train him! Neo just might get the happy ending he deserved all along!

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