He Began Writing To His Deceased Wife When The Grief Was Too Great: “I Was So Foolish.”

Every single day for the past 4 years, a 70-year-old man has written a letter.

When his wife died, he didn’t know how he could keep on going…but he was determined to try.

Back when they were married in 1967, the two had only met a total of 3 times before tying the knot. After marriage, they were distant. They cared for each other, but it wasn’t until their children grew up and left their home to start lives of their own that the couple grew close. Once the kids were gone, it was as if their “jobs” were done, and they allowed themselves the freedom to become close.

They were both emotional people, but some reason, kept their distance even once they warmed up to each other.

Now I think back to that time and realize I was so foolish.”

But since his wife passed, he began to write to her. At first, it was a few hundred characters a day. Little things here and there. But four years later, he finds himself writing over 2,000 characters a day, telling her everything that happens in his life – the big things and the small things. It helps him to feel as if she is standing next to him and encourages him to keep on living.7.3a24

The grand total? Over 1.5 million characters have been written in the journal since he began. He doesn’t want anyone to end up as he has. Love each other, he says. Don’t let foolish things get in between you and the one that you love.

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