He Asks An Old Woman Why She Is Alone On A Cruise…She Has Discovered The Perfect Loophole! I Want To Do This!

I love cruises. Amazing food (whenever you want!) and room service, activities around the clock, free laundry service – or free use of the washers and dryers – and live entertainment almost every night! There are usually very good family deals that make this a great option for a family vacation, and it sure beats a 12-hour road trip to grandma’s house! Seriously, there is only so much “I spy” that you can play when you’re driving through the desert.


Excuse me, did I just hear the words “perfect retirement plan?!” I think I did! While this might not be as cost-efficient as the story leads me to believe, it would be a fun way to spend a month or two as “vacation” from the nursing home. In reality, the cost of living on a cruise ship would be significantly higher than most assisted living facilities, but you know what? If I end up with the money to spare, it sounds like the perfect way to spend the last few years of my life! Exploring the world and relaxation for weeks at a time? Oh, yes, please!

Is this something that appeals to you? I think it’s a perfectly whimsical idea and I love the thought of traveling around the world without a care!

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