He Arrived At The Hospital To Have His Stitches Removed, But The DOCTOR Is The One Who Left In Tears!

When we saw marriage vows, we might not realize how very heavy they can weigh. “In sickness” can strike at any time, and some sickness is just so terrible that you can’t believe it’s really happening to the person that you love the most in the world. “For poorer” might be just as devastating, replacing the life that you know with a new and more difficult way to make ends meet. Many other things can test a relationship, but it is how you react to the challenges that can build you up or knock you down. THIS man knew exactly how to handle the test to his marriage…


This story hits very close to home. I watched someone I loved quickly lose themselves, becoming a completely different person, and finally, no one at all. They didn’t remember who they were or who their children and grandchildren were, but that didn’t stop us from visiting them as often as possible. We knew who they used to be, and that was enough to keep us coming back. It was heart breaking, but it helped us all to meet in the room of the person we all loved and respected, even if they didn’t know us. 🙂

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