He Adopted This Rescue Dog. When He Found Out It Was Tattooed, He Did Something Crazy!

A man went to his local shelter and adopted a rescue dog, but when he realized that someone had given the dog a tattoo, he was outraged. How could someone give a tattoo to their pet? He wanted to show solidarity and decided to get the same tattoo as his dog, taking the picture to his tattoo artist and having the strange symbol on his arm.

He posted a few pictures on Facebook to share his anger with his friends and family…but they couldn’t stop laughing! He hadn’t done any research before heading to the tattoo parlor, and his buddies were quick to point out that the symbol was actually standard practice when it came to rescue animals!

It told other vets that the dog had been neutered. Sometimes, a dog can change owners multiple times or even end up on the street again. Once the scars fade from the spaying or neutering process, there is no way for a new vet to know if the animal has had a procedure without cutting them open. Giving the animal a small tattoo while they are under anesthesia avoids unnecessary surgery.

His friends told him about his mistake, and he defended himself by reiterating that he still thinks tattooing animals is wrong…but that he’s also going to have it covered up by a bear’s paw print!

The hilarious decision has helped others realize the meaning of the tattoo…a lot of people had no idea what the tattoo actually meant until he brought it up!

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