He Added Two Holes Into His Kayak For One Awesome Reason! I Love It!

Do you love your dog? I bet you love your dog. I mean, seriously, who can have dogs and not love them? They are loyal, exciting, full of energy, and love to snuggle – especially in the winter when you need an extra layer of warm on your feet. But as much as you love your dog, you probably don’t love them as much as this guy loves his.

I doubt anyone loves their dogs as much as this guy loves his. He poked holes in a kayak for his dogs. I probably would never do that, even if I did own a kayak.


David Bahnson decided that his kayak was missing something: his dogs. You see, Bahnson is a retired orthopedic surgeon who loved to take his dogs with him wherever he went. Sure, his wife went along as well, but he took them all whenever it was time for vacation. Road trips, flights, boat rides, it didn’t matter – the dogs were coming!

That was until he and his wife decided on a kayaking trip…one that unfortunately, left no room for the dogs…

Until he realized that he didn’t actually need the compartment to store supplies! He modified the compartments to be water-proof and large enough for his full-grown dogs to sit in and enjoy the ride, too! A little discomfort was worth having his best friends along on the trip!


Now, this only worked because he trained them on how to act in the kayak. They knew several commands and would only act if Bahnson allowed it. Was the kayak tilting dangerously due to a current? They knew the command to stay perfectly still. Was it time for them to hop out and doggy-paddle around the pond for fun? There was a command for that, too. They knew not to enter the kayak until Bahnson sat down, so there was never a chance of slipping out due to imbalance!


Sadly, they no longer go on these kayak trips as both dogs have since passed away. Bahnson takes comfort in the fact that while they were alive, they were happy to go along on every single trip together. He has gotten a new dog, Piper, and is teaching her how to ride in a kayak! Soon they will be able to go on many adventures together!

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