He Accidentally “Cat-Napped” And Medicated His Neighbor’s Cat!

In this outrageous tale, a man named Clarke Gayford basically throws $130 into the garbage in a mix-up that has amused thousands of people in the aftermath.

One afternoon, he put his kitty into her crate and took a trip to see his vet. While she was at her appointment, the vet noticed that she was acting a lot different than she normally was. He prescribed an anti-anxiety medication to help her calm down and told Gayford to keep her in a room for 5 days of recovery.

At one point, his neighbor knocked on his door and asked if he’d happened to see a black cat wandering around. The neighbor’s cat had gone missing and the man was understandably worried when he’d seen no sign of his kitty for nearly a week. Gayford said he’d keep an eye out, but his cat was the only one he’d seen recently.

On the fifth day, his actual cat walked through the door. Instantly, he realized his horrible mistake. To make matters even more confusing, the missing cat – the cat currently in his bedroom – was a male, and his real cat was a female. The vet hadn’t been paying close attention. Gayford had cat-napped and medicated his neighbor’s cat to the tune of $130! No wonder the cat was anxious!He immediately ran to his neighbor and explained the ridiculous mix-up, and showed him the medication he’d been giving the wrong cat!

A few days later, he received an update from his neighbor reporting that his cat didn’t seem traumatized at all!

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