He Abandoned This Dog For Being “Too Affectionate…” The Internet Responded With OUTRAGE, Until The New Owner Said THIS!

There are a lot of reasons why a dog will be dropped off at an animal shelter. The usual reasons are that given are that the dog chews on the furniture, our son is allergic, we’re moving and can’t take the dog with us, pees on everything, or that they are too aggressive to be around children. What most dog-lovers know is that these reasons are behavior problems that can be corrected with training, but for people who just don’t have the time or can’t handle the responsibility, it means that the dogs get left behind and hope to be adopted by someone new.

When Jubilee was abandoned, her owner gave the reasons that they all give: she chewed up the baseboards, she tore holes in the sofa, and the most shocking answer of all…”she’s too affectionate…she always wants to be by my side.” Wait, what? A dog that is too loving? That was a reason that this shelter had never heard before. And so, this Blue Heeler/Irish Setter mix was left alone at the shelter…and was quickly the most wanted dog in all of Conroe, Texas!

Thousands of dog-lovers wanted a chance to meet the dog that loved people too much! Less than 24 hours after posting THIS picture…



…people were scrambling to try and adopt this lovable pup named Jubilee! The shelter was crammed with potential adoptors who just wanted to give Jubilee a happy, loving home! A woman named Samantha Fewox was lucky enough to be chosen to take Jubilee home with her, and she found the dog’s affection overwhelming and irresistible!


Together, Samantha and the shelter decided that they did not want to release the name of the man who abandoned Jubilee, and their reasoning is so perfect.

Jubilee is a vivacious dog with a LOT of energy! She loves attention and constantly wanted to play. For someone who needs a gentler, and more relaxed dog, Jubilee would be a constant handful, always getting in the way or becoming a nuisance when she didn’t receive enough play time with her human. The best thing for Jubilee would be to find a home that could give her everything that she needed, and the best thing for her previous owner would be to give her up to someone who could fill her life with treats and playtime and companionship! In the end, they thanked this man for putting this pooch’s needs before his own and giving her the life that she deserved!


Jubilee’s new owners state that she is happy with her new home and loves her new companion! She is working with a trainer to correct bad habits, and is slowly becoming less anxious and more trusting when her people leave the house!

The greatest news of all is that because of Jubilee’s story, many animals were adopted that day from the people who missed out on their chance to adopt her! Adopting from your local shelters is a wonderful choice, and while these dogs may take a bit of extra love and attention in the beginning, they are loyal and loving and worth all of the effort! Hooray for Jubilee!

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