Having Weird Dreams Lately? See What They Probably Mean, According To This Expert!

According to Ian Wallace, there is a trend among dreams that gives us an almost-definite knowledge of what our dreams are really telling us. Many of us have woken up from confusing and sometimes disturbing dreams. The people who are in them may be different, and the situations wildly unique…but there is a common theme that runs through all of them, and here is what they might actually mean:

A vacant room that hasn’t been used for anything at all probably means that you’ve recently discovered a hidden talent. I remember discovering that I was really good at music in general after hitting a few keys on a keyboard at a friends house. It was a long time ago, but I probably had a dream about an empty bedroom. Maybe spend some time to look into these talents if you ever have this dream!


Are you driving a car…and suddenly, it won’t respond to you? You turn the steering wheel, but the car keeps going straight! This may mean that you don’t feel enough control in your own life. You might be trying to achieve a specific goal, but the car represents your ability to get there. If the car is swerving all over the road, you might need to work harder to boost your confidence and achieve your goal!

If you find your dream-self consistently falling off of cliffs or buildings, your brain is probably telling you to trust the people around you a little bit more. You are clinging too hard to something, trying to control the situation, but your brain is telling you to just let go.


Flying in your dreams? It may be your consciousness celebrating at a recent victory! An obstacle is gone from your life, and your mind is “free!” Flying is a good thing!


Are you sitting through lengthy exams in your dreams? Your mind is examining your own life and trying to make sense of it all. This might be a good thing, if you’re working towards a goal, however stressful.


Are you naked in public? You’re feeling vulnerable and insecure. Try to boost your confidence by doing something that you love, or hanging around people who make you feel safe.


Being unable to find a bathroom represents a failure to express your needs in life, as a bathroom is a way for us to meet a specific physical need.


Losing teeth in a dream may mean that you are losing confidence in your real life. Teeth are a huge part of our physical appearance, and losing them is a big indication that you’re feeling small.


Are you being chased? You’re running from something…but you don’t know how to face it head on.


Knowing what your dreams mean might not fix the problems, but it might clue you in to what matters the most to your own mind! Listen to your dreams! Your mind is talking to you – as crazy as it sounds – and these dreams might help you overcome new obstacles in life!

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