Having A Bad Day? These Adorable Hedgehogs Will Help!

Fact: you can’t be sad while looking at adorable hedgehogs. It’s proven science. Probably.

You probably have a dozens things to do right now, like shop for groceries, or finishing up that email, or paying a bill. Whatever it is, it can wait. You need this in your life. Scroll down for happiness!

People love hedgehogs. That is also a fact. Probably.

Don’t forget to CC: Terry on that spreadsheet, little hedgehog.Who gave this hedgehog a license?! He isn’t braking! (His legs are too small.)Who needs cupcakes when you have spiny friends? The answer is no one.
Excuse you, adorable friend. Why are you sitting on all of the doughnuts?! That’s okay, we don’t mind.You’re welcome.

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