Have You Tried “Smell Dating?” This Single Mom Shares Her ENTIRE Experience!

It’s like speed dating, but instead of getting dressed and going out to meet a bunch of people, this company uses swatches of sweaty clothing mailed to your house. Yes, you read that correctly. Sweaty clothing swatches. You’re excited already, I can tell.

Caroline McNeill wasn’t excited about jumping back into the dating scene. Online dating often goes nowhere and can waste hours and hours of time that busy single moms just do not have the time for. She did a little bit of research and stumbled across a company that specializes in “smell dating,” and it sounded better than fielding off hundreds of messages online. Using pheromones apparently shows a potential partner things that humans pick up on naturally.

Smell Dating sent her a plain white t-shirt and instructed her to wear it for three days. She went on a sweaty run for the third day and sent the smelly shirt back in a plastic bag to the company. 7.12a1

They sent 9 swatches from other people (age and gender are excluded – all you get are the swatches) to smell and tell the company which ones you liked. Using the numbers, they match you likes with the other likes and send you the contact information of anyone who liked your smell in return.

She sent messages to a few but didn’t hear back for a while. Eventually, #59 messages her back.

Hello, I just wanted to say hi. Apparently we like each other’s smell and that has to be good.” 7.12a2

He sounds totally normal! Score! They met up for a date and liked each other in person, too! They’ve been on a few dates since then, and she admits that strangely, the entire process worked. Would you try this crazy dating method?

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