Have You Tested The Quality Of Your Toilet Paper Recently? This Guy Accidentally Washed A Roll…Just Look!

Quantity over quality, or quality over quantity? When it comes to your toilet paper, you may want to choose wisely. From razors to shampoo to air fresheners, we’re either buying in bulk or choosing items specifically for their reliability. This guy purchased durable toilet paper, but wasn’t actually sure about how the quality measured up to other brands. He just kind of…trusted the name.

But one day, he placed his toilet paper on top of the washing machine after “taking care of business,” and the end of the roll slipped into the machine door! When he came downstairs to switch his clothes from the washer to the dryer, he saw that the entire roll had been sucked into the machine…
He expected a pasty mess. He thought he would have to pick and peel the melted paper off of his clothes and start the cycle all over again…

Incredibly, the extra strength claims on the packaging held true! It’s speculated that the paper was sucked in during the spin cycle and would have made a mess during a rinse cycle, but we still think that this is impressive.
How crazy! The toilet paper created a knotted rope after goign through a cycle in the washingmachine and didn’t break apart – even at the seams! He claims to be a huge fan of quality toilet paper after this event, and we can’t blame him! Quality over quantity!

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