Have You Ever Seen A Husky Without Its Fur? Well, Here You Go.

There is a reason you’ve probably never seen a husky with shaved fur, and it’s the same reason that this shocking photo has gone viral!

After an unfortunate glue incident, this husky went to the veterinarian, who declared that there was only one way to free him: shave down his fur. Usually, this is an absolute last resort, but in this case, the glue situation was so severe that there were no more options.

And it turns out that a shaved husky is hilarious to look at.
While people were amused at the image, many husky owners helped to explain why it is so bad for huskies to be without their coat.

Siberian Huskies are a breed of dog that live with a “double coat,” which sheds at specific times during the year and helps to protect their delicate skin. This breed of dog doesn’t sweat due to its coat, as the dog cools itself by panting, sweating at its paws, and cooling the blood in its ears. Shaving the fur damages the hair follicles of the second coat and may permanently damage the hair when it grows out or sheds, leaving bald spots. Since huskies don’t have pigment in their skin, they can easily get sunburned and develop skin infections that can lead to more serious health problems.

“Shaving a husky only makes their human feel better and it really hurts the dog in the end,” one person said.

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