Have You Ever Heard Of A “Sand Pendulum?” After Seeing This, You’ll Probably Want One!

Sand pendulums are a hypnotizing invention that many people keep on their desks, in their shops, or in their home officers. The soothing motions calm hectic thoughts, and the intricate designs are made when the pendulum swings back and forth, reacting to the Earth’s gravitational pull. While most of the designs are fairly random, sometimes, an incredible design occurs, and in this case, a stunning display is created when an earthquake hit.9-21a11In 2001, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake shook the ground in Olympia, Washington, causing Jason Ward’s sand pendulum to record the vibrations and create a stunning display in the sand as a result.

The very tip of the heavy weight brushes the sand ever so slightly, moving it and shaping it to reflect the gravitational pull of the planet.

For 45 seconds, the pendulum vibrated and trembled, forming this amazing rose-shaped design in the sand during the first wave, while the lower layers of sand recorded the waves happening on a lower frequency.

The visual representation of an earthquake is fascinating and beautiful, and many people are in love with the romantic idea of a sand pendulum.

Jason had been planning to make a mold of the pattern after taking pictures of the creation. Unfortunately, his 3-year-old son kicked the pendulum on accident, sending the sand scattering and erasing the design. At least he took pictures!


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