Have Some Old Frames Rotting In The Garage? Give Them New Purpose With This AWESOME Hack!

Like many of the spare items we have in our attics and storage spaces, these frames were gathering dust. Putting them to good use would be nice, but they were just too run down to be useful as picture frames on their own. The backs were torn and missing, the frames were nicked and scuffed, and the colors and stains were a few decades too old to fit in with the decor of her home. She decided to transform them into a jewelry display, and the results are gorgeous!
9-28a3She painted the frames using her favorite colors, so this part is up to you! What colors will match your decor? She didn’t bother sanding them, but instead decided to “antique” them, but you might leave them freshly painted depending on how much effort you decide to put into the project. 9-28a4She stapled chicken wire to one frame, a metal sheet to another, and strips of decorative metal to the last. The metal doesn’t move around once it have been secured with staples since the metal is sturdy on its own.9-28a5These can now be hung on a wall or leaned against a mirror! Earrings, bracelets and necklaces can all be placed neatly in these frames giving your jewelry new life and saving time in the morning. 9-28a6Have you ever used a jewelry display? Many of us simply dump all of our jewelry into a single box and dig around for minutes at a time searching for a matching set. This method is so much easier…and prettier, too! See more details on this project here!


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