Hardcore Dad Proves To His 20-Ish-Year-Old Son That You’re NEVER Too Old For A Lesson In Manners!

Getting out of the house with a baby is an accomplishment on its own. From last-minute diaper blowouts to sudden vomit, it sometimes seems that the universe is just against moms who want to get out of the house, even if it is just a quick bite to eat! So, when Lucy Hatami was able to not only leave the house with her 8-month-old baby but also do it showered and without spit-up on her shirt, she was excited (as all moms would be!).


She was sitting at the table before attempting to get her food from the buffet when her son became a little fussy and started to whine. It was nothing that she couldn’t handle, but a young man sitting near her “muttered” loudly:

I wish she’d shut that thing up!”

Now, most people would become angry at this comment, not only because it was rude, but because clearly the young man had never encountered a child in his life. But before she could address his behavior, the young man’s FATHER immediately “clips him ’round the ears” and has this to say to his son:

What and you think you were perfect? You were a right little sod! No stop being a brat, go up there and apologize to her and offer to get her breakfast as she clearly has her hands full!”

According to Lucy, the young man did apologize and brought her food to her while she calmed down the young baby and enjoyed the rest of her meal! She shared the story and it quickly went viral. Parents loved it, and others shared it to remind each other that you’re never too old to be hit upside the head by your dad when you’re being a jerk!


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