Happy Ending For Dog Heartlessly Tossed Off Of Cliff TWICE By Angry Man

Almost a year ago, surveillance footage surfaced of a man tossing a dog over a ravine in Los Angeles, California, but the police needed help finding out who he was. While the video was taken at night, they hoped to get the name of the man who had done such a horrible thing…and then they realized that he had actually done it twice! Two days after tossing the dog into the ravine, he came back and did it again when the dog survived the fall.

The dog, called Mary Jane at the time, had jumped into the open window of his car. Eventually, they found him.

21-year-old Andres Spancky Raya plead no contest to a felony animal cruelty charge as well as an unrelated residential burglary count, and will serve both a two-year sentence and five-year sentence at the same time for the animal cruelty charge and the burglary charge, respectively.

The heartbreaking video showed a cruel action against the animal, and the fact that he had done it twice was outrageous.

The dog has since been adopted and sports a new name to go with her new life: “Hera Grrl.”


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