Happiness Is 6 Steps Away, Surprise Their Are Nachos

It’s great to focus on other’s happiness. But, it’s also great to focus on your own! Read on to learn about 6 no fail things that will make your day, no matter what!

  1. Chocolate

Dark, milk, or embellished with nuts and caramel; chocolate is proven to make you happy. It releases lots of feel good emotions and can bring you right out of a funk, instantly!

  1. Retail Therapy

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when you get a gorgeous item for a fraction of the price. Maybe it’s the thrill of the find, or the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you pick up something new to add to your wardrobe or home décor; but you can never go wrong with a little retail therapy to make your day.

  1. Kids

Kids say the funniest things. There is something so happy, special, and raw about their innocent and outgoing personalities. If you aren’t able to be around kids on a daily basis, watch some videos of them online. They are sure to make you smile!

  1. Walking a Pet

Dogs really are a man’s best friend. If you don’t have a four legged pal, consider adopting a kitty or pup who needs a good home. There is nothing like a walk around the block with Fido or a play session with a perky cat!

  1. Fresh Flowers

If you have a garden, take full advantage of it. Fill a vase with seasonal plants to bring some life and energy inside your home. If you were born without a green thumb, make it a priority to pick up a bouquet of flowers each time you are at the grocery store to add some color to your kitchen or dining room table.

  1. Nachos

I’m sorry, but even if you are on a diet, everyone deserves to splurge from time to time. One thing that makes me feel good, especially on a less than perfect day is digging in to a fresh plate of hot, cheesy nachos! Indulging in a favorite snack from time to time adds some joy to your day and makes your belly smile too.

If you aren’t making yourself happy every day, it’s time to start!


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