“Halloween Is Cancelled” Says This Elementary School In Connecticut

Instead of eating candy and dressing up in costumes for school activities, the kids are Lillie B. Haynes Elementary are experiencing an abnormally large amount of controversy this year. The school has decided to ban all costumes and cancel the Halloween parade this year – a long tradition – due to safety concerns.

Along with keeping students safe, they are also concerned that the activities will exclude students with specific religious or cultural beliefs that would keep them from joining in on the fun. Students have been left out in the past, and the school wants to host activities where all students will feel included regardless of religious or cultural beliefs.

In addition, the school is banning the use of costumes for adults and children as they pose a potential threat.10-26a10

Other schools have reported that while they aren’t banning Halloween-themed activities, they are banning clown costumes after the rise in incidents regarding adults dressed as clowns threatening children across the country.

The decision has gained mixed reviews. Many parents think that the action is too extreme, but others understand the school’s main concern; the safety of its students. The town itself hosts many Halloween events, and parents report that they don’t mind celebrating with their children outside of school. “School is for learning,” one mom said.

While there will still be classroom celebrations and parties, they will remain seasonal. “Fall” themed events will be the focus from now on instead of “Halloween” for Lillie B. Haynes Elementary, and other schools may join them soon.


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