Gym Wouldn’t Agree To Cancel Membership Over The Phone. He “Broke Up” With Them In A Letter.

It isn’t a secret that many gyms end up with a lot of revenue from clients that pay a monthly fee but never show up to use the equipment. Month after month, unused memberships get charged simply because people forget to cancel them. Some gyms have a manipulative practice of only canceling a membership once they’ve received a cancellation request in writing…and that’s where this couple decided to have some fun!

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Not only did this gym require written confirmation for this man and his wife to cancel their memberships, the gym also decided to toss in another hurdle: a certified letter. The couple had recently moved out of state, and to formally accept their terminated membership, they now had to go to the post office and disrupt their lives even further. If the gym was going to make it difficult on them, they were going to make it difficult right back!

They decided to stick with the oh-so classic ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ and this letter is just too perfect.
They jumped through all of the hoops, dotted all of their i’s and crossed all t’s, sending the letter as certified mail and signing the letters individually! Finally, they were free of their membership…

…and free to find a new gym that would treat them right.

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