Gym Forced To Take Down “Offensive” Advert. Replaces It With One That Is “Even MORE Offensive.”

People are divided on this viral event that happened on the side of a gym. Half of them think the gym is being horrible, and half of them think that the advertisements are hilarious. We’ll post the facts and let YOU decide what to think about this curious turn of events!

In Sawley, Derbyshire, a gym decided to put up a large billboard to gather attention and gain new clients. Fit4Less, a self-advertised “smart affordable gym,” was asked to take down this attempt at a “lighthearted” advertisement. A local charity, Combat Bullying, made their displeasure known and were the fore runners in the effort.

8.22a9The gym agreed to take down the ad and came up with a second one…which critics say was even worse than the first one! It sparked a conversation that people were eager to jump in on.

If it’s near a pub or where adults frequent I’m not bothered, but it’s a big poster outside a family supermarket,” Natalie Harvey said. Being the founder of Combat Bullying, a lot of people agreed.8.22a11They wanted to pitch their gym to people who didn’t respond to the traditional gym marketing. Showing perfectly fit models in skin-tight outfits isn’t what they were going for.

It’s obviously humorous, it’s got a great, fluffy, Shrek-y teddy bear on it,” said a rep from the gym. “It’s supposed to be eye-catching, it’s supposed to get people talking about fitness and, if people come down, they will see all shapes and sizes – we’re friendly and fun.”

What do YOU think about this ordeal? Justified, or a little too much?


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