Guy Tricks His Neighbors And Gets A Free Printer By Convincing Them It Was ALIVE

Blake Messick, from Houston, Texas, realized that his neighbors had a new printer, but it seems that they weren’t too sure how to use it. Most families have password-protected devices, but these unsuspecting neighbors hadn’t put a password onto their bluetooth printer. That meant that anyone who came close to their home would be able to print anything that they wanted at any time.

Messick decided to send them a note…from the printer itself!He wasn’t sure that the document would actually print, so he didn’t think much of it…until he noticed that his neighbors had tossed a printer out with the garbage!He took it inside and hooked it up. Despite there being no ink left inside of the cartridge, he can’t be sure that it was the exact printer that he sent the document to. He decided to Tweet the entire story online where it instantly went viral.People have called him all sorts of names, but he says that he’ll be taking the printer back to his neighbor’s house and explaining that it had all been a big joke.

(Hopefully, he’ll teach them how to put a password to protect all of their bluetooth devices, too!)

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