Guy Shares His Parking Ticket With The Internet And Sparks An Important Discussion

The city of Victoria in British Columbia, people were receiving mysteriously numbered green parking tickets instead of the standard citations throughout the holidays, and had no idea that simply sharing the picture of his ticket could do so much good.

Parking “downtown” in many cities is a nightmare. With limited spaces and more and more people trying to do business downtown, people are finding themselves with shockingly high parking tickets whenever their meters run out. In some cities, people commented, the meter attendants will stand at meters about to expire just to issue a ticket faster. Even though this kind gesture from the city sounded nice, the number in the corner implied that they weren’t doing it for many people.Rather than issue a parking ticket, we invite you to pay it forward and donate to a foodbank or local charity of your choice.”

But…people decided to do more than just donate to local charities. On top of that, many of them decided to put more money into the meters of complete strangers on purpose.

Others were shocked to learn that in some countries, the parking fines are donated to local charities and food banks all year round – not just during the holidays – and shared the picture in hopes of sparking a discussion in their own communities. The season of giving encouraged everyone to “pay it forward,” and in more ways than one.

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