Guy Makes Used Car Ad To Sell His Girlfriend’s Car And eBay Cancels Their Auction TWICE!

Max Lanman knew that his girlfriend wanted to sell her old 1996 Honda, but he had this outrageous idea and he just couldn’t let it go. He convinced his girlfriend to let him put together an “Ad” for the used car…and unexpectedly, it went viral!

The ad lists off the totally-relatable features and states prominently that:

You? You don’t need things. You’re happy with who you are. You don’t care about money; you have everything you’ve ever wanted.”

You don’t do it for appearances, you do it because it works.”

And this? This is not a car. This is you. It’s a lifestyle.”

The car was put up for auction on eBay starting at $499…and it took off. eBay even reached out to the sellers to let them know that they would be monitoring the auction for fraudulent bids thanks to the viral ad. The first auction soared over $100,000, but someone from the fraud department deleted the auction before they had heard about the viral video, stating that they couldn’t believe a used Honda from 20 years ago was being bought for that much.

eBay allowed them to re-post the bid…but after bidding soared to over $150,000, they shut it down again!

Hopefully, the couple says, they’ll have enough for a nice wedding thanks to the story. The project took over 200 hours to complete and was “worth it, even if it took longer than expected.”

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