Guy Helps Grieving Widow In A Grocery Store…And Receives THIS Tip In Exchange!

32-year-old Kasey Simmons doesn’t limit his kindness and sociable attitude to the diners that he serves at Applebee’s, and his generous personality has been rewarded in a really big way.8.18a12

It all started at the grocery store. He was doing a little shopping when he noticed a woman that just seemed…sad. He couldn’t put his finger on it, so he approached her with an offer that he wouldn’t let her refuse. He offered to buy her groceries, and although the total was only $17, he insisted. He told the woman that it wasn’t about the money, it was about showing her that she wasn’t alone and that people care and wish her well.

The woman recognized him as a server at the nearby restaurant, and when her daughter found out, went to thank the man on behalf of her mother.

She went with a group of friends and ordered the cheapest thing sold at the restaurant: a $0.37 flavored water. 8.18a13

Simmons was confused, but filled the order anyway – with his trademark smile – and left the bill at the table. When he came back, he found a shocking amount written on the bill, and an explanation written on a napkin. 8.18a14

The girl’s mother was mourning the death of her husband who had died 3 years ago. Simmons couldn’t have known, but his act of kindness made a world of difference. She wanted to thank him for helping her mother when he could have easily walked away.

He would like to thank the family face-to-face, and admits that he has never received such a high tip before in his life.


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