Guy Gets FREE Vacation With Random Strangers Simply For Having Same Name As Their Friend

A guy named Joe McGrath was just living his life until one day, a random message on Facebook got him into a whirlwind plot that sounds like it could have only been from a Hollywood summer flick.

Hi Joe. Would you consider coming on holiday with a group of nine strangers if they had already arranged flights for you and an all inclusive hotel?

It’s our friend Nathan’s 30th birthday and we decided to throw him a surprise holiday break in Mallorca. Unortunately our friend Joe McGrath can’t attend, but we have already booked it all up for him. We know Nathan will be really disappointed by this, but…” the message explained.

At such a late notice, it would have been a nightmare to pay to change the name on all of the reservations…or maybe the group of friends just thought it would be hilarious? Either way, it’s a win for THIS Joe! (Sorry, other Joe!)
The friends welcomed him with open arms, and he enjoyed a crazy trip with some cool new buddies! His boss was cool about it and gave him the time off without much notice!

Apparently, his mom saw the pictures of the three-day trip and had no idea that her son was hanging out with complete strangers! They all got along so well – a once in a lifetime event!

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