Guy Buys A Dead Horse But Can’t Get A Refund. The Answer He Came Up With Landed Him A Government Job!

When you buy something from the store, you expect certain things. You expect it to look like the product advertised, and you expect it to work for longer than just a day. You also expect to get a full refund if the product isn’t all that they promised it would be. A lot of times, stores and manufacturers have no problems refunding people for faulty products that don’t meet expectations. It allows them to improve their product and move forward with an even better one, and it improves customer loyalty when their customers can complain and be heard.

But what about when you purchase something from a friend or a neighbor? They might not have given you the whole story, and you might be stuck with something that doesn’t work with no way to get your money back. This guy had a different way to handle it…


Okay, okay, so this story is a lot more “story” than fact, but it sure was funny! I’m pretty sure this has “fraud” and “jail time” written all over it, but the guy has a point. It would really only cost his $5 to pull it off…assuming that he never got caught! Yikes! What did you think of this guy’s method?

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