Guy At Pub Tricks Girlfriend Into Thinking He’s In Bed With The Help Of His Friends

While it is never a good idea to lie to the people in your life, this sneaky way of convincing someone you’re definitely not in the pub is pretty hilarious. With the help of a few clever friends, this guy pulled off a hilarious prank.

When his buddy wanted to stay out later, it would mean tricking his girlfriend into thinking that he was already in bed for the night. She wanted him to get to bed early, but he just wanted to hang out with the guys. So, they worked with what they had – jackets, coats, and black & white filters to make it look like he was all snuggled up and ready to sleep…Did she fall for it? We have no idea, but the picture actually looks rather convincing!And then he posted the entire scheme on Twitter for the world to see (and steal his idea!) which meant that people got to take a much closer look at his creation…

That’s when they noticed the pocket with a button on his “duvet!” What kind of blanket has a buttoned pocket, hmmm?!

In any case, people were hoping that his girl didn’t fall for the trick. If the thousands of shares hasn’t gotten around to her, surely someone will let her know that she’s been tricked! Have you ever done something like this?

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