Grumpy Neighbor Calls Cops Over Children’s “Illegal Water Slide.” It Did Not Go As Planned.

For the 4th of July, this neighborhood decided to host a block party. Along with the festivities, they decided to create a large water slide, taking advantage of the sloped street that ran in front of their homes. It was large and elaborate, and everyone was having a blast!

Well, almost everyone.

One grouchy neighbor decided that children playing outdoors was just nonsense and called the police to report their illegal activities. When these two officer from North Carolina got the call, they weren’t sure what to expect. When they realized the extent of the water slide, they immediately joined in! It was a hot day, after all!
The kids had been sliding around using garbage bags, but officer Jones was too big to fit in one, so one family took out their large raft to let him slide too!

Both officers had a blast supporting their neighborhood and determined that the water slide wasn’t going to do any harm and wasn’t blocking any part of the road. Drivers should be cautious when driving through a neighborhood regardless, and the adults who were supervising had already taken the precautions to make the holiday activities as safe as possible. While the grumpy neighbor might not have been up for the fun, these officers sure were! They didn’t mind getting a bit wet, and went off to continue their hard day’s work with smiles on their faces!

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