Grown Man Steps In As “Flower Girl” And Paves The Way For The Bride In GLORIOUS Fashion

When they were children, Casey and his cousin, Andria, walked down the isle as flower girl and ring bearer for a wedding together. They had the idea that when they grew up, they would do it again for each other’s ceremonies.

Fast forward a few decades and Andria was now planning her own wedding. When Casey met the groom, he casually asked if they had found a flower girl and ring bearer yet. The idea of Casey being the flower girl was too hilarious to pass up…and it stuck!

I just thought it would be a fun way to commemorate their special day–after all, I’d bet all good marriages have a lot of laughter in them, so what’s wrong with including a bit of appropriate levity in one’s wedding ceremony?” He said.

And when he started down the isle, people immediately began to laugh.

There may have been some skeptics when the ceremony started, but I think everyone was on board with the idea after I set the flower basket (the same one Andria used in the wedding we were in together as children) down at the end of the aisle, pulled out flower petals I had stocked my pockets with and threw them in the air in the style of a LeBron James powder toss. There was an ovation.” He recalled.

He was so happy that he could add a dose of hilarity to his cousin’s wedding!

…the whole thing was approved and encouraged by Andria and Jake. I never would never have taken any attention away from them if they didn’t want me to!”

The adorable antics have gone viral, and he has since offered to be the Flower Man at other weddings, as long as travel expenses are covered!

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