Growing Up, She Loved Her Grandmother’s Kitchen Wallpaper…So She Used It To Make A Nostalgic Dress!

What do you remember the most about your grandparents’ home? Maybe it was the pastel blue sinks or the olive green tile in the living room, but for Emily Seilhamer, it was the yellow wallpaper in her grandmother’s kitchen. She had always loved the pattern and often thought that it would make a very nice dress. So, when her grandmother decided to make some renovations, she jumped at the chance to try!

Emily has made a business of upcycling and creating new items out of old ones and repurposing things in a creative fashion. She knew that she could probably use the old wallpaper like a thick fabric and immediately got to work!

The wallpaper had been held up with a very thin glue (to which they all wondered why the wallpaper hadn’t fallen down decades ago) and came off of the wall with very little struggle. Then, it was just a matter of cutting pieces to size and sewing them in place! In the end, the dress was impressive.
She wore it for Easter and plans to use the pattern to make a more wearable fabric version in the future.

The sharp edges and crisp lines of the dress are reminiscent of the time period, and people were stunned at her ability to create a dress out of old wallpaper. Incredible!

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