Growing Up Isn’t So Bad, Look What’s Cool Now!

Let’s face it-no one wants to get old. But, it happens! Before you know it, your Saturday nights have become completely unrecognizable! Read on to learn about six things that becomes cool when you get older!

1. Knitting
Whether you dabbled with this hobby before or not, knitting is completely therapeutic, and functional. Plus, everyone you know gets a warm, adorable scarf for the holidays!

2. Going to Bed Earlytumblr_inline_mh7q41F3j31qz4rgp-2A 9 pm bedtime (or earlier)? It seems like everyone who is “old” cherishes a lengthy slumber. You can probably remember the nights that your evening didn’t begin until 9 pm (or later) and now you’d rather be curled up in your jammies with a good book and fall quickly (and peacefully) off to sleep.

3.   Scrapbooking
Scrapbooking has become a fun way to document your life adventures and your children’s milestones. Plus, it helps you de-clutter all of those loose leaf pictures hanging around in boxes and on shelves. While you may have made fun of those “ladies” who booked a scrapbooking weekend out of town when you were younger, you have now become one of those ladies and thoroughly enjoy it!

4. Cooking
When you were younger, you cooked because you were hungry. As you aged, you cook to develop a more refined technique. Plus, your tastes have changed over the years and eating is done for enjoyment now, not just to fill your stomach. As an older adult you cook because you want to, not because you need to!

5. Organizing
If you’ve ever heard of The Container Store, you probably are an organizational junkie. Since when did cleaning and organizing drawers and closets become cool (and so time consuming)? Since you began to pay rent or a mortgage on your own and there is no one else around to clean up for you; organizing has become one of your favorite hobbies.

6. Extreme Couponing
Being thrifty becomes cool when you age. That’s why a lot of people turn to extreme couponing. According to those who participate in this activity; nothing can replace the thrill of saving money and getting items virtually for free! When you were much longer, you never clipped coupons and you certainly didn’t care as much about saving every nickel and dime!

If you’re reading this list and chuckling, chances are you are feeling old! While your hobbies, interests, and weekends have changed as you grew older, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone and you are still cool-just in a different way!

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