Grow Geodes In Your Own Kitchen! This Crazy Trick Works Overnight!

Creating magical geodes is easy, fun, and pretty with this clever experiment. They last a while and look pretty convincing! Need a fun project to keep the kids busy over the holidays? Want a fun craft to use at a sleepover? Look no further.

Using colored pipe cleaners (or white pipe cleaners with food coloring mixed into the water), a cup of boiling water, Borax, and a little creativity, you’ll have impressive geodes ready to display.11-28a1First, bring your water to a boil and mix in 3 tablespoons of Borax until it has completely dissolved. Then, suspend your pipecleaner into the solution using curling ribbon or fishing line. Cover the whole thing with a dish cloth and let it sit for 5 hours (or right before bedtime for a magical discovery in the morning!) and note that the longer the pipecleaner sits, the bigger the “geode” will be. Once removed, let the dry completely.

To re-use the water, simply bring it to a boil again and add another tablespoon of Borax! If you are using food coloring, it will fade soon after removing the geode. To prevent this, coat the entire thing with clear nail polish!
11-28a2She tried a few different methods and found the curling ribbon was the easiest to remove from the finished projects – string just wouldn’t come out – and that creating larger geodes was possible by wrapping multiple pipe cleaners together.11-28a3What do you think of this creative spin on a geode? Love it or hate it? You can find more details here.


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