Group Of Young Adults Put Out An Ad For “Generic Father” To Come And BBQ For Them

A group of friends were planning to get together the day before Father’s Day, but for various reasons, didn’t have a “dad” to invite. Their ages ranged from 21 to 26, and they just wanted to have a “BBQ Dad” to come and grill for them, have some good conversation, and generally be their “dad” for a few hours.

It wasn’t going to be a paid gig, but they promised to buy all of the meat and beer as long as “dad” would impart his wisdom and talk about “dad things.” Their generic dad would need to meet the following criteria:

– Grilling hamburgers and hotdogs (whilst drinking beer)
– Bringing your own grill (though this is subject to change. We will provide all of the meat)
– Refer to all attendees as “Big Guy’, “Chief”, “Sport”, “Champ” etc. (whilst drinking beer)
– Talk about dad things, like lawnmowers, building your own deck, Jimmy Buffet, etc. Funny anecdotes are highly encouraged. All whilst drinking beer.

Desired experience:

– A minimum of 18 years experience as a father
– A minimum of 10 years grilling experience
– An appreciation of a nice, cold beer on a hot summer day

A bonus would be given to dads named Billy, Randy, or Dave. Having an older guy grill and hang out would make their BBQ even more perfect, and they hope to get a lot of applications.

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