Group Chat Interrupted My Strange Text From Their Drunk Friend…It Was The POLICE!

This group of friends has a Facebook chat room set up to keep tabs on one another and share their lives through messaging. Occasionally, shocking things may pop up in the feed…but they haven’t ever gotten a message like this! When their friend got too drunk, his account messaged them, but he wasn’t the one typing!
They initially responded to his question, but then they got skeptical – was their buddy just playing a prank on them? They asked for proof because it was just too crazy to be true! Even though he was busy, the officer stopped his car to take a selfie and assured the group that their friend was in good hands!So, what happened after the hilarious photo?

We don’t actually know and neither does he,” his friends said. “I assume they put him to bed and continued their shift!”

Sounds like a productive night of protecting and serving!

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